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What Our Customers Have to Say

"We recently brought in Perrault Consulting Group to help our executive team prepare for our annual strategic planning and budgeting conference. PCG focused on how we work together; building on our strengths and helping us become aware of areas where we can improve, as individuals and as a team. They set the stage for us to have meaningful, constructive, and valuable conversations about our business strategy, structure and dollar allocation for the coming year. Thank you for helping us become a more effective executive team!"
Richard Rey, Chief Executive Officer, CSE Insurance, Walnut Creek, California

​"We have been using Facet5 as a personality assessment in our team development efforts during the past six months. Most of our clients have been exposed to numerous such assessments over their years of employment. Facet5 has the advantage of providing a much higher level of insight into self and teammate behavior. Based upon very positive client feedback we plan on expanding our use of it for building effective teams.”
​Dan Green, Principal Consultant at Insight Partners, Concord, Massachusetts

"On behalf of the entire Executive team, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication in making this a very successful program for the Xirrus leadership. We are at a critical transformative stage for the company and I am confident this program will assist in the transition. Many thanks to the 3 of you!"
Shane Buckley, CEO Xirrus 

My work with Michael has been primarily with the use of the Facet 5 profile assessment. He is an expert with all aspects of Facet 5 and utilizes it effectively in helping companies and individuals to improve awareness and identify opportunities for improved performance. Michael is an engaging facilitator. I would recommend him as an OD advisor and encourage the use of Facet 5! 
Jayne Phillips, SPHR Manager, Cloud Customer Engagement

"I have worked with Michael for over 12 years, mainly on 360 development and on various programs, and I have experienced Michael to be amongst the best. As a colleague, supplier and workmate, he is a warm, caring, and super professional business associate. He's one of the best individuals I have ever worked with. I would strongly recommend Mike for anyone looking for a partner covering the broad perspective of HRD."  
Steen Pederson, Consulting Tools Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I really appreciated Mike’s depth of knowledge and real life stories to bring the topic of personality to life. He was able to take what could easily be a theoretical topic and ground it in practical work behaviors everyone can relate to. I will continue to draw on the examples shared to enhance my coaching practice using the Facet5 model.”
Nahla Kor, Owner, Kor Capabilities Consulting

"The Facet5 tool is thorough, complete and easy to understand. The Facet5 profile that I received was professionally presented and exceptionally useful because it is workplace based and includes reports that can be used in a variety of ways by an organization. The training is engaging, energizing and practical. The opportunity to give a debrief and receive feedback during the training was invaluable. Mike in particular is a wonderful facilitator. He encourages, builds confidence and ensures the ‘aha’s’ are crafted for each participant." 
Sara Thorne Van Damme, Learning and Development Consultant at ShaughnessyHowell Inc

"I have taken a number of personality assessment certification courses in my professional life. Mike Perrault's deep understanding of the Facet5 instrument, combined with his

genuine desire for all of us to learn, made this recent experience a delightful one. Mike is clear and gentle, bright and kind, and his real life examples made the material both accessible and memorable."   Nina Coil, Independent Consultant  -  "Swiss Army knife” of Learning and Development 

"Debora has an outstanding character. Dependable, helpful and honest.. She's very productive and successful at what she does." 
Elia Evans is Director of Federal Compliance at East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC