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When people are armed with the insight provided by these assessments they are in a far better position to make changes to their behaviors. And when people in work teams learn about themselves, it gives them a better and more accepting understanding of their teammates. All of this results in more effective work teams that solve problems collaboratively and quickly.

Individual Assessment

Throughout our years consulting with people in a variety of jobs and positions we have learned that people benefit greatly from knowing how they behave in the workplace. We have found that at all levels in organizations far too many people repeat patterns that limit their effectiveness; most are not aware of the impact their behavior has on the people around them or how to change it. 

Among the many assessments that we employ, Facet5 is the primary tool we use to analyze personality. Unlike most competitive products Facet5 was specifically developed for use in the workplace. This modern assessment uses a Decision Style Assessment which examines the cognitive processes involved in everyday decision-making.