Facet5  is a modern, advanced measurement of personality. Designed with business in mind, this comprehensive analysis tool shows how people are different in their behavior, motivation and attitudes. The resulting report clearly describes a person's motivations and tendencies in written and graphical format.  

Hiring: Facet5 provides hiring professionals with the performance and behavioral attributes of a potential new hire. With this information, organizations can be confident in their ability to attract and select applicants who will be a great fit. It's not just about hiring a qualified candidate, it's about selecting a qualified candidate who will integrate effectively into an existing team.

Teamwork: Facet5 is a valuable tool for existing employees also. As they learn what drives them and their behavior, they also learn the same things about their fellow employees. This knowledge is a valuable tool in resolving conflict, engaging all stakeholders, reducing stress and successfully engaging a team of diverse individuals.

Understanding differences and leveraging them enables organizations to capitalize on all their strengths. 

Leadership Development: Leaders need to continually develop and grow in order to be successful. Facet5 explains and predicts behavior, both strengths and challenges, and helps managers become more effective leaders. 

Developed by Norman Buckley, the Facet5 Five Factor Personality test has been thoroughly evaluated by the British Psychological Society's testing center, passing with ease. The rigorous testing was conducted over 18 months. The following were reported in the product's final evaluation:

  • The quality of the materials comprising the test was deemed good, scoring 4 out of 5 stars.
  • The test was acknowledged as a quality based Five Factor questionnaire, being user-friendly and having good face validity.
  • It was also recognized that the psychometric constructs are clearly conveyed within the material available to users.
  • The interpretation of the emotionality factor in relation to the other four factors was found to be a particularly attractive feature of the instrument.

For more on the findings of the BPS with regards to the Facet5 Assessment tool Click Here.

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