Facet5 Teamscape

Teamscape is a process that uses Facet6 behavioral profiles combined together for team development purposes. The combination of individual data sets and a team collaboration methodology means Teamscape demonstrates team dynamics powerfully and succinctly. It clearly shows the culture of the team, how relations hips are likely to work, and how the work will be managed and delivered.

Teamscape also provides the unique ability to gather 360 degree feedback to greatly add to the effectiveness of any team's development. This external view, over and above that inferred by Facet5, provides participants with evidence of how their behaviors present in a work context.

Product Overview

Applied when the goal is team development, team member integration, formation of coalitions across teams, relationship development.

  • Audience - Suitable for all team members regardless of role, or those wishing to understand and build relationships more comprehensively.
  • Format - Generated from the combination of Facet5 profiles. Online reporting, comprehensive facilitator guides and presentations available.
  • Training - Included in practitioner accreditation available through Perrault Consulting Group. Specialized facilitator training available and expensive support materials available to accredited practitioners. No training required for general reading by participant of people leader.

For more information on becoming an accredited Facet5 Practitioner, see our list of Training Dates of call us and we'll be happy to discuss bringing the training workshop to your specific location!

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