Facet5 Audition

Facet5 Audition is a role definition survey, which when combined with an individual Facet5 profile, produces a role/person fir template and a corresponding behavior-based event interview guide. The role is defined using Audition prior to recruitment. Shortlisted candidates take the Facet5 survey and the two outputs are then combined to produce a behavior-based interview guide. This unique approach supports all sound recruitment and selection decision-making.

Product Overview

This tool is suitable for recruitment at all levels, but particularly, roles where there are multiple locations in one organization (e.g. call centers) or critical roles within an organization.

  • Audience - Recruitment Managers, Managers, Human Resource Business Partners
  • Format - Questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the 83 questions. Online delivery and real-time reporting upon completion.
  • Training - Facet5 Accreditation requires for management of process and output. No training required for use of report in interviewing. Contact Perrault Consulting Group for more information.

For more information on how to become an accredited Facet5 Practitioner, see our list of Training Dates or give us a call to discuss bringing the training to your location!

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