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Understanding the Facet5 Training Options

Basic Facet5 Accreditation Program – 2 full days ($1500)
At the completion of the 2-day Facet5 Accreditation Program, participants will be considered Practitioners and will:

  • Understand the ‘Big 5’ model of personality
  • Be able to interpret the 5 factors confidently and correctly,
  • Be able to deliver quality feedback and answer key questions that may arise
  • Have a basic understanding of the application of Facet5 modules for selection (Audition), teamwork (Teamscape) and leadership development (SLR).
  • Know how to view different country and regional norm groups and understand the relevance for their practice
  • Have access to the online Facet5 system including support resources, case studies and access to current research.

The following add-on courses will be offered on Day 3 of the Facet5 Accreditation Program.

Basic Facet5 Accreditation + TeamScape – 2½ days ($1900)
At the completion of this program, Practitioners will understand:

  • TeamScape overlay – Identifying the similarities and differences within the team
  • Work Cycle – Where individuals contribute most to the team
  • Work Cycle Team Comparison – Compares the team’s contributions
  • Reaching Agreement and Resolving Disputes – Focuses on how the individual and team handle conflict
  • Preferred Tactics – The team and individual preferences for dealing with conflict
  • Proportionality – How calm the individual and team remain in a conflict situation

Basic Facet5 Accreditation + Audition - 2½ days ($1900)
At the completion of this program Practitioners will:

  • Gain a full understanding of how Facet5 Audition can support your internal or external recruitment process
  • Be able to explain the benefit of using Facet5 Audition in recruitment and development
  • Be able to help managers identify the most important Facet5 characteristics for a role
  • Understand how to create ideal role templates
  • Understand how using a template to predict candidate success in the role supports your business
  • Receive coaching on how to effectively interpret and use the Facet5 Audition interview guide prior to and during the interview session.

Basic Facet5 Accreditation + Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) – 2½ days ($1900)
At the completion of the program, Practitioners will:

  • Outline the strengths, challenges and degree of ‘stretch’ for leaders to effectively deliver on the organization’s strategy
  • Create relevant, work-based development suggestions, using a powerful predictive engine and actual development systems used in organizations around the world
  • Understand how ‘usual’ or ‘unusual’ a behavior might be compared to an extensive global normative database
  • Provide additional depth and richness to existing leadership development programs at all levels
  • Use a unique combination of observed and predictive behavior to generate insights that create positive change.
  • Identify and develop the leadership pipeline

2018 Facet5 National Accreditation Training Schedule

Please click here and let us know which session you wish to attend. We will contact you directly to complete your registration process. 

Program Options

Please contact us to schedule a Facet5 accreditation training session.

Workshops run from 9:00-5:00 over two days with two 30 minute breaks in the am and pm sessions and a 60 minute break for lunch. Attendees should bring their Facet5 report with them. All other materials will be provided. See below for information on our additional training options.


Training Events

Additional Training Courses 

We offer additional training courses on Teamscape, SLR, and Audition, that can be provided on request as an adjunct (Day 3).