DECISION MAKING - As decision styles change over time so do habits, we use the Driver Decision Style Exercise (DDSE) and the Driver-Streufert Complexity Index (DSCI) as the basis for our decision making assessments. These unique assessments provide valuable insights into how people think they make decisions versus how they actually make decisions when they are focused on solving a problem and not creating a favorable impression on others. These assessments allow for an informative comparative analysis with a large database of executives - the assessed person immediately learns where they need to focus their development if they want to make it to the executive suite.

PERSONALITY - We use Facet5 as our primary personality assessment. We chose this instrument because, based upon our thirty-five years of using such assessments, we have found Facet5 to be the most modern and advanced measure of personality available today. Used by organizations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 supports human capital management for individuals, teams and organizations, consistently adding real value. Offered in over 30 languages and supported by leading edge technology, Facet5 is ideal for use by anyone who needs to understand human behavior in a work context.

The British Psychological Training Centre has put the Facet5 Five Factor personality assessment through a rigorous 18 month study conducted by independent testers. Facet5 was awarded an overall reliability score of three (out of 5) stars for its documentation quality, its norm and reference groups, the construct validity, criterion related validity and materials quality.

Robert Steed, Commercial Director of the company that publishes Facet5 had this to say. "We are delighted that Facet5 has been reviewed positively by the BPS testers, scoring four and five stars in some sections. The evaluation tests are stringent and extremely thorough. Attaining these stars overall is not a mean feat and one we can be justifiably proud of at (our company)."  For more on the findings of the BPS with regards to the Facet5 Assessment tool, Click Here.

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